accidents happen Posted on 6 Nov 09:50 , 1 comment

We made 11 batches of beer bacon brittle a couple of nights ago, preparing for one of our biggest craft shows. I stirred the pot too fast and the brittle splattered on my hand, well when you have it up to a soft crack at 285 degrees that will leave quite a burn. 

Tom wanted to tell people about my hand to get some sympathy  We did sell 29 bags. We had a 70 degree day here in Minnesota in November which is unusual, and I think that had alot of people outside and at the craft show. We sold 110 jars of jam, our record so far for a one day show. We also got recruited for another craft show, because they thought we were unique and there was nothing else like our product at their show.  

We had alot of repeat customers coming back and telling us they bought from us last year, we love hearing that.

Tom came up with a great idea to give everyone a squeeze bottle if they bought 2 jars of jam, that is how we keep it in our house, because it gets put on everything. I have to say it was a great idea and we encouraged a few people to buy a second jar with this promotion.

Spreading the love of ghost pepper jam.