SHIPPING COSTS HAVE GOTTEN CRAZY! Posted on 13 Feb 17:04 , 0 comments

I just shipped 3 jars to Arizona, and I took a hit on the shipping costs. The post office changed their rates as of Jan 22, 2023.  I no longer can use the regional box and am forced to use the medium flat rate box.  This now costs $17.10 to ship. I think it's in your best interest to now have to order a minimum of 4 jars of ghost pepper sauce or more, Heck throw in a couple of scorpion salts while your at it.  

I'm sorry to have to put a minimum on it, but it is silly to buy 1 or 2 jars and pay that much for shipping.  We could go with ground service, but who knows when you would get your item.  Sorry guys....these rates might put my website our of business!