Our story-the beginning

Couples that cook together stay together...in our kitchen doing what we love.

The kids are grown and I still have my love of baking/cooking.What do you do with all those cookies and brownies you make when it's just the hubby and I? Well I bring treats to work and share with my co-workers. My friends at work would say " Yay, T brought treats" and that's how I came up with my business name.

For christmas one year, a friend gave me a jar of jalapeno pepper jam...and it was delicious but not quite hot enough for me. Around this time the ghost pepper was coming on to the scene and was being hailed as one of the hottest peppers. I began experimenting with different recipes for a hot pepper jam and after alot of trial and error I came up with a recipe that was the right taste for me a little sweet with a hint of heat. 

One day I brought my ghost pepper jam to work with cream cheese and crackers to share with my co-workers. One gal said to me, "mmmm, can I buy this"? I said, " I don't sell it" she said"put me on your list" , and that was when the light bulb went off, thank you Anna!

That was back in 2012, alot of good things have happened since then. We continue to add new products to our Treats by T line. 

In 2015 we rescued a 11 year old Beagle/Basset mix. He came with the name Bogie. With my love of baking, how can he not get his own homemade treats, hence the beginning of our preservative free dog treats, we call them Bogie Bites after our dog Bogie of course.  

Later in 2015 we took a step forward in our business and added a website. TreatsbyT.com

All of this is possible with the support of my # 1 helper and biggest fan, my husband Tom.