We are working on our branding. Posted on 2 Mar 09:07 , 0 comments

For many years we have used a material with peppers printed on it, back in the day we cut out little squares of this material and topped our ghost pepper jars with it as a cute decoration. Many of our customers remember this. We no longer do this as it became really hard to cut out enough squares to keep up with sales....and to tell you the truth my hands couldn't take all that cutting, cutting, cutting!

We have aprons made out of that same material and many of you comment how cute we look and you like our theme. We have decided to build on that theme and have had custom hats made for us by https://stacyspinkmartiniboutique.com/.  They turned out so cute that we ordered a few more and have decided to have some swag of our own to sell at our shows.

Many of you call us "those pepper people," so we are gradually adding the words ~the pepper people to our products, and down the road want to drop the Treats by T name altogether.

Our new website will be called Gopepperpeople.com. We think this will be a little easier to remember when searching for our products.

New Product Posted on 9 Mar 20:41 , 0 comments

Today we added our new gluten free Bogie Bites to our Treats by T line. We we're waiting for the labels to get back from the printers, so we could package treats and get them ready for our event on saturday. Bogie watched me carefully as to make sure that I didn't accidently drop one on the floor(he wishes). I had a couple left over after bagging and someone got a few treats. I love how he picks his spot out in the kitchen. He lays right in front of the refridgerator so he can see what is going on in the kitchen. Smart dog! 

Tom and I have a big craft show in Rosemount,MN this saturday so we are getting things ready. I baked regular Bogie Bites all day and the house smelled delicious, love that hint of cinnamon in the recipe. Now our customers will have a choice of Bogie Bites, Original or Gluten Free...everyone loves a choice.