What's new in 2019 Posted on 18 Nov 15:44 , 0 comments

We've got a new jar supplier and new lid supplier, we have switched to a straight sided jar and a gold cap with no brand on it. However when you do something like this you have to buy in bulk, can you say 4,560 jars and 6,000 lids. Tom had to clean out the garage so we could stack all those cases in there. 

Our ghost pepper sauce has traveled to Wabasha,MN and is now featured in the Wabasha Treats and Treasure's store, also served at the Turning Waters B&B in Wabasha, MN.

We've been added to our local convenience store called Ziggy's, where they will pump your gas for you, this is a mom and pop shop and they like to promote local.

Like Coffee and Ice Cream? We are now in the Cannon Belle's Coffee and Ice Cream shop(they gave us nice shelf space)  in Cannon Falls,MN . These gals also make fabulous cheese and we grow the carolina reaper for their hot pepper cheese.

And lastly we have made it into Loon Liquors Distillery here in Northfield,MN, they use our ghost pepper sauce on their Charcuterie Board(meat and cheese tray).