It's spring, It's snowing and I am ordering ghost pepper plants Posted on 25 Mar 10:10 , 0 comments

Aaahhh...spring in Minnesota. It's snowing here today and I am ordering ghost pepper plants. I believe in shopping local so I order my plants from Jeni at Eco-gardens in Northfield,MN. She always has good quality plants. Yes it's only March, but one has to start thinking about this years crop and pre plan. Because we had such a good crop last year, we are still able to make ghost pepper jam, through out the year. I won't have to turn away customers like years past, because we we're out of ghost peppers. There is always something to do around the house relating to the the business, cut out squares of material, order labels, watch the ads to see if jars or pectin goes on sale, make more Bogie Bites. (Bogie keeps eating up the Happy Spring everyone.