Working on my branding. Posted on 2 Mar 09:07 , 0 comments

For many years I have used a material with peppers printed on it, back in the day I cut out little squares of this material and topped my ghost pepper jars with it as a cute decoration. Many of our customers remember this. I no longer do this as it became really hard to cut out enough squares to keep up with sales....and to tell you the truth my hands couldn't take all that cutting, cutting, cutting!

I have aprons made out of that same material and many of you comment how cute I look and you like my theme. I have decided to build on that theme and have had custom hats made for me and for friends by

Many of you call me "that pepper lady" so I am gradually adding the words ~the pepper people to my products, and down the road want to drop the Treats by T name altogether.

My new website will be called I think this will be a little easier to remember when searching for my products.

Pictured are a couple of my high school friends, modeling the new swag. Thanks John and Paul.